999999999 x I Hate Models - Alcatraz Milano - MFW

999999999 x I Hate Models - Alcatraz Milano - MFW

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22 Febbraio 2024 21:00
23 Febbraio 2024 03:00
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Via Valtellina 25
20126 Milano (Milano)

999999999 x I Hate Models - Alcatraz Milano - MFW

Join 999999999 & I Hate Models for an explosive Milan Fashion Week party at Alcatraz, Milan’s largest venue. 999999999 are an imposing and inescapable presence at the forefront of the hard techno scene. In the studio and on stage, the immediacy of uncompromising mechanical music collides with the unpredictability of improvisation to create an energetic force that continually evolves and pushes forward. I Hate Models is a talented French electronic music DJ and producer known for his mix of techno, electronic and industrial beats. With intense live performances and a unique sound, I Hate Models will transport you to a world overwhelmed by melancholy with hard-hitting productions.

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