BRICH at DKR (Xmas Edition)

BRICH at DKR (Xmas Edition)

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22 Dicembre 2023 23:00
23 Dicembre 2023 07:00
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Via Merano 18
20127 MILANO (Milano)

BRICH at DKR (Xmas Edition)

22.12.23 From 11 pm
DKR MILANO (via Merano 18, Milano)

The inaugural chapter of this adventure proved to be a remarkable experience, with spirited celebrations on Halloween night alongside the vibrant crowd from Milan leaving an indelible mark. Now, we are gearing up for another unforgettable event, set to unfold in the cherished setting of DKR Milano. This time, we are ushering in the Christmas festivities by extending a warm invitation to the esteemed Romanian maestro, Arapu, making his debut appearance at BRICH. Joining him on this special occasion is the Ukrainian luminary, Olga Korol, alongside the esteemed talents of Viceversa and Simone Adinolfi. The anticipation is palpable, and we are thrilled to curate an exceptional evening of music and merriment.

Line up (A-Z):
Olga Korol
Simone Adinolfi

Early bird ticket: 15€ + commissions
First release: 20€ + commissions 
Final release: 25€ + commissions 
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