Mindful Aperitivo

Mindful Aperitivo


13 Ottobre 2022
19:30 - 23:00
Come arrivare
La Biciclette, Via Giovanni Battista Torti, 2, 20123 Milano MI
20123 Milano (Milano)

Mindful Aperitivo

This event has the purpose to bring together people and make new friends. To give it a further meaning and make it stand out against other events, for every meeting, one practice or topic related to the overall theme  -  “Mindfulness” -  will serve as a hook. Nothing too series, though, no worries;) We will talk about it, share our experiences, to then simply stay together for another drink, or two ;) 
In preparation for the first meeting, I invite you to try using your non-dominant hand for brushing your teeth and combing your hair. Just see how that works, note how it feels, what difficulties might come up, etc. In order to have a reliable experience, try to practice this for at least 4 - 5 days before we get together. We'll talk about the purpose then.
 Please send me a message to confirm your attendance, I’d like to reserve a table, thus knowing  at least the rough number of participants would be helpful.
Thank you,
Looking forward to getting to know you,
Susanne Abele Susanne Abele Susanne Abele Hey there, nice to meet you!My name is Susanne, I am from Germany but live in Milan since late 2017, where I teach different styles of Yoga in english, italian and german language, both for individuals and groups. I also offer coaching and embodiment practices for women and work on contributing to a more inclusive society and  Yoga practice.While most of my classes are fluid and energising, I do emphasise that Yoga is more than just a workout, and try to add more layers to it than just physical exercise.****************************************************************************************************************************************Sono Susanne, piacere conoscerti! Sono di origine tedesca, abito a Milano dal 2017, ed  insegno diversi stili di Yoga in lingua tedesca, inglese ed italiano, sia per gruppi che individuali. Offro coaching ed embodiment practices per donne, e lavoro a rendere la nostra società e la pratica dello Yoga "occidentale" più inclusiva. Le mie lezioni di gruppo di solito sono fluidi ed energetici. Lo Yoga pero e più di solo un allenamento,  perciò cerco di aggiungere ache la giusta profondità alle mie classi. Scopri

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